Programmes are available to organizations and companies engaged in education, science and research, to local authorities, and also to individuals (e.g. students or volunteers). Applicants can obtain financial support for their projects


DZS is a member of several European networks focusing on school education, volunteering, adult education or career guidance. Their goal is an exchange of experience and information, sharing best practise and encourage establishing contacts.

List of Programmes

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Target group:
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  • Graduates
  • Youth
  • Professionals in education
  • Youth workers
  • Lehrende und Angestellte an Bildungseinrichtungen
  • Schüler*innen und Studierende

AKTION Österreich - Tschechische Republik

Das Programm AKTION Österreich – Tschechische Republik dient der Förderung der bilateralen Zusammenarbeit in Bildung und Wissenschaft im tertiären Bildungsbereich. Gefördert werden Stipendien und Kooperationsprojekte.

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