What are Euroguidance’s objectives?

The aim of the Czech Euroguidance Centre is to pass on the experience that European countries have gained in the field of lifelong career guidance to professionals and the general public and to disseminate Czech examples of good practice abroad. It is keen to develop advisers’ skills through educational events with a European reach and study visits abroad. It supports guidance on European mobility and the international cooperation of Czech guidance centres.

Czech Euroguidance Centre

The Czech Euroguidance Centre supports lifelong guidance in the Czech Republic through information and publicity activities, educational activities for guidance practitioners, and support for professional activities in the field of guidance and activities within the National Guidance Forum.

Who is Euroguidance’s target group?

  • Professionals in education

  • Youth workers

What countries are involved?

  • European Union
  • Great Britain
  • Serbia
  • Northern Macedonia
  • Norway
  • Lichtenstein
  • Monte Negro
  • Turkey