European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet

The European Schoolnet association (EUN) supports the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education and the innovative teaching of mathematics, the natural sciences and technical subjects.

Basic information

The Centre for International Cooperation in Education is a member of European Schoolnet (EUN), an organisation that brings together more than 30 countries, which are represented by authorised national agencies or directly the ministries of education. 

The EUN implements a variety of activities, projects, campaigns and competitions, which are mainly initiated by the European Commission. Schools can participate in pilot projects, competitions and campaigns, teachers can take part in various forms of further learning (including massive open online courses), use teaching and learning materials and resources, and exchange experiences and good practice examples with their European colleagues. The Centre for International Cooperation in Education also participates in preparing and translating European studies and publications on current trends in education.

The EUN’s objectives:

  • Promoting the use of digital technologies in education
  • Supporting cooperation between schools in Europe and exchange of experience in mathematics, science and technical subjects.

The EUN provides the Czech Republic with:

  • opportunities to share good practice in the use of digital technologies in education;
  • opportunities to share good practice in the teaching of mathematics, science and technical subjects;
  • opportunities to participate in major projects initiated and co-funded by the European Commission;
  • opportunities to participate in massive open online courses for teachers within the EUN Academy.

As part of its EUN membership, the Centre for International Cooperation in Education:

  • implements projects, competitions and campaigns that are coordinated at the national level by the Centre for International Cooperation. The projects promote the introduction of digital technologies into education and involve Czech primary and secondary schools (
  • prepares – with the help of external experts – the Insight Country Report (, an annual study that presents an overview of digital technologies in education in the Czech Republic;
  • publishes the Škola v síti newsletter about ICT in education, which is intended for both schools and the professional community;
  • publishes interesting translations of European studies and publications.



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