The European Commission’s Euroguidance network is made up of cooperating Centres in 34 European countries, which aim to promote the European dimension in guidance and mobility. The programme’s target group comprises guidance practitioners in the field of education, employment, the non-profit sector and other guidance providers.

Basic information

Euroguidance is a European network that was created by the European Commission in order to harmonise the diverse approaches to guidance across Europe. The Czech Euroguidance Centre aims to allow both the professional community and the general public to learn about European countries’ experience in the field of lifelong career guidance, and to disseminate Czech examples of good practice in counselling abroad.

Euroguidance accomplishes the programme’s objectives through the following activities:

  • Supporting the mobility of guidance practitioners
  • Sharing information on methods, approaches and examples of good practice in the field of guidance
  • Providing information on learning opportunities for guidance practitioners
  • Supporting guidance centres and providing information on mobility opportunities
  • Administration of the LOQE/Ploteus portal

The Czech Euroguidance Centre supports lifelong guidance in the Czech Republic through information and publicity activities, educational activities for guidance practitioners, and support for professional activities in the field of guidance and activities within the National Guidance Forum.

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