eTwinning promotes online collaboration between schools and teachers at a distance, assisted by digital technologies.

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Basic information

For up-to-date information on organised events and other information on eTwinning activities please visit

eTwinning activities are aimed at supporting cooperation between nursery, primary and secondary school pupils/students and teachers within the European Union. eTwinning can be characterised as a project in which two or more schools from different countries use digital technologies to implement distance education.

eTwinning in a nutshell:

  • Registration and the use of the portal are free of charge.
  • eTwinning has neither fixed criteria for participation nor deadlines for involvement or submission of projects.
  • eTwinning offers technology tools for school collaboration at the portal, where schools can engage in eTwinning activities, get registered and search for partner schools, and where teachers and students can virtually meet, collaborate and implement projects remotely.
  • The portal is operated by the Central Support Service for eTwinning, which coordinates eTwinning across Europe.
  • In the Czech Republic, teachers can contact the National Support Centre for eTwinning (NSC), which is part of the Centre for International Cooperation in Education.
  • The NSC organises methodological seminars, webinars and international events. For a list please visit at

eTwinning under ERASMUS+

  • An online platform for collaboration and communication between schools under ERASMUS +
  • The largest database to search for partners for schools
  • A convenient online environment to communicate with partners within key action KA1 (communication with a foreign school, preparation of mobility, publication of outputs)
  • A convenient online environment for project collaboration between schools within key action KA2 (project preparation, a Twinspace virtual classroom for on-going collaboration between pupils and teachers on project outputs and documents, publication of project outputs)

eTwinning in the Czech Republic

  • The National Support Centre for eTwinning offers Czech teachers methodological seminars in the regions, webinars and a variety of other events.
  • For more information please visit the national portal at

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