Call 2014B results

Call 2014B results

In the Preparatory visits Call – NF2 4 applications have been approved.

In the Call 2014B, 46 applications have been approved:

The list of approved applications ist is to be found here.  Total number of received applications is 48. 2 applications were rejected for formal reasons.

Next procedure for applicants who have been approved by the grant:

  1. In the application annex can be found Grant acceptance/rejection form, which needs to be filled and scanned as attachement of the application.

In the form add: Accepted grant amount  - equals Awarded grant amount. In the text select whether you accept or reject the grant and also select your type of activity. Then submit using „Přijetí grantu“- acceptance of grant. Deadline for submitting electronic Form is 10 days after it is avaiable in IS CEDR – i.e. 5. 1. 2015.

  1. After submitting the form using „Přijetí grantu“ access will be granted to other documents necessary for the conclusion of grant agreement. These are the following documents:

Mobility projects and Institutional cooperation projects

Individual placements of students/ educational sector staff

For students:



For educational sector staff and PhD students:


All of these documents will be avaiable in the system CEDR. Previews of documents are available here:

 Training agreement

Learning agreement

Partnership agreement

Bank details

After submitting all attachements „ Potvrzení přijetí grantu“ – acknowledgement of receipt of a grant has to be made.

In case that your grants has been approved at a lower amount than requested, please fill in form Detailed revised budget, to be found here. Updated budget has to be equal to approved grant amount. This form has to be send to: It is not necessary to submit it to CEDR.

For the start of project activities grant agreement must be concluded. The signing of Agrant agreement can be made only if all the additional documentation is submited – see above.

Grant agreement should not be signed earlier than three months before start of project actions.

Expenses are eligible the day the Call was announced, i.e. 16. 12. 2014. From this date expenses directly related to projects activities and aim to meet the objectives of the project (ie. must be spent on items listed in the approved grant application) will be covered. Project activities are implemented in accordance with the timetable set out in the grant agreement. In case that the Agreement wont be signed by both parties, the recipient is not entitled to demand expenditures already made.