CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies) is a central European university exchange programme focussing on regional cooperation within the network of universities.

Information for foreign applicants


Freemover applicants are obliged to attach to the application: two Letters od recommendation from the home university and one Letter of acceptance from the host university using the appropriate form. The documents must be signed and stamped. The forms are available on your desktop.

Students from non-CEEPUS member states must attach the Equal status document as well.


Freemover applicants are obliged to attach to the application: one Freemover letter teacher issued from the host university. The document must be signed and stamped. The form is available on your desktop.


Please don´t submit any application in the system before you are sure that all obligatory documents are attached.

Before you submit your application please check whether you have really completed all parts and answered all questions incl. questions in the motivation and short description sections of the form (see below).

How to „Motivation“:


You need to explain convicingly why you should be awarded a grant, tell us a bit about yourself:

  • What is your field of study at your university?
  • How good are your grades?
  • Why do you apply for a CEEPUS grant?
  • Why are you applying for this specific country/county/project?
  • What exactly do you plan to do at your host institution?
  • Which lectures, courses etc. do you plan to attend and why?
  • What have you done in preparation of your study stay abroad?


Please list your planned teaching/supervising assignments here and why you would like to visit your host institution?

How to „Short Description“:

Tell us a bit about yourself:

  • What have you been doing?
  • What would you like to achieve?
  • What are your strengths?


Please bear in mind that the demands of applicants on scholarship months exceeds the amount of available sources. Each received freemover application is therefore conscientiously checked and evaluated before approval. 

In case of questions check the FAQ at www.ceepus.info or contact our NCO.