Evropský sbor solidarity

Evropský sbor solidarity

Cílem Evropského sboru solidarity je nabídnout mladým lidem příležitost poskytovat pomoc potřebným, podílet se na řešení společenských problémů a zasadit se o vytvoření inkluzivnější společnosti. Díky tomu získají cenné zkušenosti inspirující k dalšímu rozvoji a osobnímu růstu.

Inclusive ESC II (2. - 6. 12. 2019, Záhřeb, Chorvatsko)

The aim of the activity is to encourage, support and develop inclusive projects in the frame of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) programme. The activity also aims at exchange of good practices between newcomers and experienced organisations.

The activity will open space for getting to know each other’s work and interests, explore potential ideas for common inclusive projects and build good quality partnerships.

The activity will bring together different stakeholders, from newcomers in the programme, to the ones, who are already active in mobility projects, but would like to work more on inclusive projects. In 3 working days we will offer the space to learn more about inclusion, to address the success factors of good inclusive projects and network and exchange practices. We expect concrete ideas for projects in ESC will come out of project planning activities during the training. We expect 30 participants on the event.  

General objectives of the training are for the participant to:

  • Have space to meet, interact and prepare project ideas together
  • Recognize different aspects and success factors of inclusivity, when discussing and implementing inclusive projects in the frame of ESC
  • Get to know the possibilities of ESC for implementation of inclusive projects
  • Draft project proposal ideas for ESC 2020 calls
  • Assure the coaching available for the organizations for the period prior the February deadline (each NA responsible for their participants)
  • Continue with the process of builiding the network of inclusive organizations

Elements of the programme:

  • Presentation of ESC
  • Capacity building on inclusion
  • Partnership building activities
  • Space for project creations and creating the drafts (aim, goals, partners, next steps)

Target group for the activity:

This activity is meant for representatives of organisations interested in inclusive volunteering projects in the frame of European Solidarity Corps, primarily for newcomers in ESC programme, but also for those organisations that have already implemented mobility projects (in E+ or ESC). Also, the activity is for organisations which already have partners or would like to find them at the event and develop their project idea together.

Diverse programme and non-formal working methods will make sure that everybody’s needs are taken into account, regardless of whether they are experienced in European mobility projects or not.

Přihlašování je možné zde

Začátek akce: 2. 12. 2019 13:00

Konec akce: 6. 12. 2019 17:00

Kapacita: 30

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