EEA and Norway Grants

EEA and Norway Grants

EEA and Norway Grants Bilateral Scholarship Programme brings opportunity for international project cooperation and mobilities in Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland.

Basic information

The EEA and Norway grants have been represented in the Czech Republic since 2004, when the Czech Republic joined the EU. The beginning of the funds, however, dates back to 1994, when European Economic Area - EEA (in English EEA - European Economic Area) was established. Over the period 2004 -2009, which was the first in the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic received support of 83 million euros. Information about the first period is to be found here.

Norway, in addition to contributing to EEA grants, established also Norway funds. The primary objective of EEA and Norway grants is reducing socio-economic disparities in Europe and strengthening bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and donor states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

In the second period, identified as 2009-2014, the Czech Republic received totally 132 million euros. The newcomer states to the EU in 2007 and 2013 joined the funds in this period as well.

In May 2016, an agreement was signed for the third period, ie. 2014-2021.  For the Czech Republic, there is prepared 185 million euros from EEA grants. The updated information about the next period is to be found on the websites of Ministry of Finance.


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